The track - the company environment

Aspects in connection with the external environment of the company. The market, the competition, the clientele, all the participants involved. Where does the company want to go from and in what direction, what are the tools at our disposal?

What kind of problems are we able to assist our clients in?

  • We don’t know how to get into the optimal aid program.
  • We don’t receive enough orders anymore.
  • The market is overflown with competitors.
  • We are losing clients continuously.
  • The market is dying.
  • We get a lot of customer complaints.
  • We would like to prepare for the unexpected.
  • We are afraid from the unsure factors.

How can we assist You:

• Strategy management
  • Assessment of internal and external environment, elaboration of ability assessment
  • Strategy planning, assisting execution with index numbers
  • Synchronizing everyday operation with appointed goals
  • Elaboration of business plan
  • Elaboration of feasibility study
• Risk management
  • Determining risk assessment fields and goals
  • Execution of risk assessment in determined fields
  • Evaluation and prioritization of discovered risks
  • Composition of action plan, elaboration of necessary steps
  • Follow-up on risk management
• Application management
  • Monitoring, filtering of applications relevant to company activity, confirming if company meets basic requirements
  • Assistance in elaboration of applications
  • Following-up on execution of successful applications
  • Application aftercare in the maintenance phase
  • Elaboration of application material for perfection awards
• Marketing consultation, market research
  • Market research, assessment of situation, assessment of competition
  • Elaboration of marketing strategy
  • Elaboration of marketing plan, design of action plans/projects
  • Elaboration of communication plan
  • Designing sales models
  • Online appearance, electronic trade consultation
  • Elaboration of customer feedback system, implementation into company operations
  • Assistance in obtaining perfection awards.
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