The racing car - your enterprise

The main activity of the company. The product, Tasks, activities, results and everything directly relevant to the operation of a company.

What kind of problems are we ablo to assist our clients in?

  • The operation of the company is opaque.
  • We are unsure who’s working on which project.
  • Projects have no designated leaders.
  • The old ways of doing things are not enough anymore.
  • Manual control is not sustainable.
  • I am doing all the work.
  • Nothing is ready in time.
  • Developments fade away.
  • Money is being spent, but I have no idea where does it go.
  • Global chaos is imminent.
  • We are working with outdated technology.
  • Our machinery equipment break down a lot.
  • We are producing a large number of waste product.

How can we assist You:

  • Operation development and regulations
    • Elaboration of task descriptions, regulations
    • Review of applied documentation systems, compilation of remarks and suggestions
    • Design and maintenance of electronic documentation systems
    • Conduct of GAP analysis
    • Collection of relevant legislations, elaboration of compliance checks
    • Work and fire safety consultation
    • Product certification and authorization consultation (CE)
  • Project management
    • Elaboration of project administration methods
    • Project quality assurance
  • Process management
    • Assessment of operation processes
    • Enhancing company structure comprehensibility
    • Analysis of applied methods and practices, compilation of developmental remarks and suggestions
    • Design of process models (QPR ProcessDesigner)
    • Assistance in implementation of IT management systems  (CRM, ERP, workflow)
  • Performance measurement
    • Compilation of index numbers - assurance of management and owner preferenced supervision (department performances, project results and efficiency, personal review of staff)
    • Design of customer feedback system
    • Implementation, elaboration of management systems, preparation for certification process.
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