The pilot - management and staff

Evaluation of staff performance, human subjects and developments, providing feedback.
Expectations, tasks and methodology of respective positions. Possibilities of self-fulfillment inside the organization.

What kind of problems are we able to assist our clients in?

  • Untrained staff.
  • Information is not being shared.
  • Experienced staff members will not pass technical knowledge.
  • Discontent staff.
  • Tension amongst staff members.
  • igh fluctuation.
  • No feedback.

How can we assist You:

  • Human management
  • Elaboration of family friendly solutions in company operation
  • Elaboration of career models, personal improvement plans
  • Elaboration of newcomer program
  • Elaboration of trainee and mentor programs
  • Opinion surveys and analysis, design of online surveys
  • Elaboration of e-learning educational materials and tests
  • Preparation and conduct of educational trainings, coaching and surveys
  • Performance measuring
  • Design of staff performance evaluation method
  • Definition of unique index numbers
  • Competency evaluation
  • Design of motivational system




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