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Every day, in every situation, we see – two programs, two locations, two tasks, everyday life versus the plans, today versus tomorrow.

Sometimes it is only a tour, sometimes it’s tough competition. We are in a constant race against time, requirements and competitors. In these circumstances the journey seems like an endless, lonely ordeal.

Competitive forces are not just a struggle, they force continuous development; the challenge of our abilities and the passing of our bounds. Why should we struggle alone, if we could fight against everyday challenges in a team?

Even if the racing driver drives the car alone, a team behind him is essential; a team, who supports him in everyday life, helps him through the unforeseeable difficulties and provides necessary support for the driver to concentrate on the most important thing – to do his best!

Let's visit our pit stop!

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p2m - Keeping processes under control

Small organizations, because of cost saving, limited human resources, or simply under pressure of time, reject external support for business development. The costs of well-known solutions – consulting, trainings and reviews – very often discourage the enquirer at first glance. The other common complaint is that the service at a perceived unsupportable price may not bring any tangible benefit to the company in the end.

p2m was founded with the intention of providing and bringing tools and know-how commonly used by large companies, to small and medium-sized enterprises. Our goals are: to ensure the efficiency of internal processes, to develop organization, to find the optimal labour and resource distribution taking into account all corporate operations. We assist our partners with the best management support devices, up-to-date software and web communication tools.

Our colleagues - with many years of experience in all fields of industry and service - are ready to provide efficient support for you to achieve success.

p2m Consulting Ltd. is implemented and uses DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard quality management system which is certified by Certop Ltd.


Our main milestones

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