Focused on processes

During cooperation the goal of p2m is to develop an integrated and up-to-date process management system which provides a long-term efficient operation and sustainable development for your organization.

We use the Process Management Software - QPR ProcessDesigner - which is an interactive device for measurement, planning, optimization of business processes and it also facilitates the employees’ commitment. The QPR ProcessDesigner is able to show processes in graphs, to describe them in details; it prepares analysis, makes simulations and publications. It can be applied flexibly to different requirements and process systems by corporations of varied size.

Without management commitment and appropriate corporate communication the implementation cannot be successful. The board’s resolution and active participation predetermines if it really becomes an integral and effective part of the organization’s operation.

Parts of a whole

For the successful development and implementation of a process control system it is essential
that the process-based thinking is adopted into the company’s culture.

The first step is when the board (with our assistance) determines the strategy and key processes. Successful involvement of the employees and adoption of the process-based thinking on all levels, depends on the management.

Next step towards the well-built system, is the identification of processes in organization. Each process consists of activities, the responsible person for process implementation should be recognized, the usual inputs and outputs, checking and decision points, related documents and also IT support systems, should be identified.

In order to explore the correlated parts of a process and map the different activity areas, we interview your colleagues. We look through one by one, all tasks performed by colleagues, connecting points, resources used, required information and the whole background of the processes.

Based on detailed analyses of modelled processes we build up the whole process system of the organization. During our work in accordance with the company strategy we first break processes into elements; we then connect the parts and harmonize them. Thus prepared
process model can be fitted into company’s requirement system (standards, regulations).

Management on the web

The Process Control Portal ensures the visualisation and long-term operation of process control system used by the organization.
A The Portal is a website used as a form of communication, which gives possibility for management and colleagues to overview the performance, the hierarchy of processes, employees and systems of the corporation..

The examined data is reported in an excel data sheet and illustrated in graphs, to make easier the evaluation and decision making. Different access rights can be given to the users. Further advantage is that simultaneously multiple languages can be used according to user’s demands.

Immediate further analyses are possible:

  • modelling strategic and tactic alternatives
  • bottleneck identification
  • more efficient resource management


It helps to prepare perfectly transparent evaluations; these can be used for immediate decision making or for later monitoring.

Alkalmazásának legfőbb előnyei:

  • user-friendly
  • transparent
  • intelligible
  • interactive
  • ensure more efficient communication.


Electronic documents uploaded on the Portal can ensure all colleagues are able to reach easily and quickly the needed information. Management and company save money and time by sharing information in this way.

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