Focused on performance

We develop with our partners an efficient and up-to-date performance management systemwhich helps to increase your colleagues’ commitment towards the company’s long-term objectives.

In order to implement a well-operating performance management system the company’s strategy should be resolved into its elements, and should be determined exact actions and daily activities. Each activity will be measured by indicators, which show clearly the results of processes and operations. Thus the goals determined by management become clear and obvious for all employees.

Strategy at all levels

As a first step we help to identify the goals of measurements based on company’s strategy and vision.

Then together with the management, we determine the necessary indicators. After definition of performance measurement indicators the action plans become easy to follow-up and the realization of personal, corporate and strategic objectives could be monitored. Indicator system could be developed also for measurement and evaluation of internal processes and products.

For development of indicators and reports we use QPR Metrics tMetrics performance management device.

After that we take part in concrete measuring and in data identification filled into the system. After uploading data and adjusting the values with the help of different views your colleagues could follow personal and corporate performances compared to expected ones. The well-illustrated trends, charts are quickly and easily understandable, so you get the necessary information in a short time.

The system makes possible so called ’process deep mining’, which means that all cause- effect correlationsregarding one particular moment or particular problem can be easily mapped. Thus we can get information for example about the reason of below-plan performance, missing components, or find out about the bottlenecks.

The actual performance easily can be compared to target results, thus management continuously can monitor the indicators. The fact-based analyses make possible to plan new programs and implement developments.

The definition of individual responsibilities and goals makes clear the importance of strategy in everyday routine. If the individual responsibility is clear in the whole process, then everybody will feel that he or she is an essential milestone on the path to achieving goals. If your colleagues can contribute to the company’s success, they would take part more willingly in basic processes also.

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